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art works from Marty Ryan

about Marty Ryan

After growing up in Connecticut and graduating from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Marty Ryan moved to the Columbia Valley in British Columbia, where she has lived for more than 40 years.

A lifelong artist, she taught art and worked as a counsellor at Golden Secondary School for 25 years before she retired to dedicate herself to her art.

She still paints up a storm, but in the last ten years Marty has moved into working with metal, especially bronze and copper.

Marty recently finished a commission for a fireplace installation piece for the Sweeney House near Kelowna. Some photos can be seen on the top right.

Where to see Marty's work

Marty Ryan's copper works range from large etched and hammered bowls to jewelry, bracelets and the perennial favorite, her famous copper bookmarks. Click on the photo to see a full range of her copper works.
Marty has always been a painter and it is a form to which she keeps returning. Her subject matters are diverse and she makes both abstract and representational work. Her most popular series is "Crones," of which a detail from one painting is shown here. Click on the photo to see more of Marty's paintings.

Marty started into bronzecasting in the 1990s at Red Deer College's Summer programme, and became fascinated with the possibilities. She has created a number of unique sculptures in the medium, including the iconic "Exhibit A."